The range constitutes select designs options, created from precisely crafts molded from china for perfect finish highlighting the effects of the textures & shapes.

 Brand:                DFM WOOD


Width:                 850mm,1050 mm, (Tolerance: +/-0.2mm)

Length:                           2150mm

Thickness:                      4.2mm


 No deformation, no crazing, no delamination, scratch resistance, water resistance, fire retardant, environmental friendliness and durability;

Finishing:Melamine film;

Technical data:

1)Density: Average 880kg/m3;

2)Moisture content: Average 5.32%;

3) 24thickness swelling: Average 13.75%;

4)Bending strength: 37.21Mpa;

5)Internal Bond: 1.50Mpa;

6)Patterns: various kinds of designs. Customized designs are also available;

7).Colors: walnut, Mahogany, Wenge, Beech, Sapele, Maple, Teak, Alder, Oak, Cherry, Pear, sparkle silver, red wood, etc.